By Bus
  • The easiest and convenient way to reach Kothagiri by bus is to alight at Coimbatore and take a direct bus to Kothagiri, It is about 3 hour journey of 70kms via Metupalayam.
  •  You can also reach Kothagiri by bus via Ooty, it is about 1.5 hour journey of 28kms.

By Train
  • Though you cant reach Kothagiri directly by Train, but you can reach Connor by niligiri mountain train from Metupalayam and then take a direct bus to Kothagiri, it is about 1 hour journey of 18kms. 
  • From Chennai there is a direct train to Metupalayam, From Metupalayam there is specially designed train for hill station which will take you through the one of picturesque land scape of your life time.   
  • But if you want to book this mountain train in first class, it is advisable to reserve 40 to 50 days in advance. 
By Air
  • The nearest airport was Coimbatore, from there you can travel by Bus or Train.